I started this journey with hoop dancing in 2010, and I give a lot of credit to my hoop mama (person that introduced me to this wonderful world of HOOP DANCE), Megan.  I used to be a professional photographer, and yes that is how I used to do selfies…brought two strobe lights to the park, camera on tripod, and remote in my hand, all while having fun hooping.  At the time, my passion to be a photographer slowly faded away while I was going through a rough break up.  I knew that exercise and surrounding myself with positive people was my method for healing a broken heart.  Unexpectedly, I fell in love with hooping, and it was what I practiced for two years before I started to be more open minded to other types of flow arts and to be brave enough to try fire dancing.

Slowly over the years of continuous practice, while still being open to learning new skills, I had opportunities to perform and to teach my specialties.

Convection Fire Conference | June 2012 | Oak Springs Ranch Riding Stables.

Around the year 2015, I learned stilt walking and added that onto my skill set.   Fast forward to present day, I continue to have performance gigs and on occasion have teaching related gigs.  It is kind of funny how things work out in life.  I never would have thought that I would be where I am now, and I am very humbled.

Besides dancing, performing, and basking in the spotlight, I have other activities that I like to do as well.  I am a health and fitness enthusiast.  I used to not like the gym before I started hooping, but now I love it!  I am passionate about my whole foods plant-based diet, I like lifting weights & practicing my flexibility, I love pole dancing and any alternative type of fitness, and I dabble in acro and acro yoga sometimes.

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