NoHo Monster Bash 2017

E V E R Y B O D Y !

Last Saturday night was the NoHo Monster Bash 80’s Horror Halloween Party at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood, and the choreographed performances was provided by Fire N Ice Entertainment.  There were other very talented dancers in this crew, and I will link to their acts when I see that it has been uploaded.  I have some footage that I am proud to share of my performance!  But first…story time!

Here is a funny little thing about me that some people may not know.  I started pole dancing over seven years ago.  Of course my pole training was on and off, concentrating more on hoop and fire dancing for most of the time.  I always thought that pole dancing is a great way to exercise, and I never seriously thought about performing pole or competing.  Anyways the only pole performances I was apart of before was Stilletto Shimmy’s Studio showcase back in 2010 and my friend’s charity event.  She had asked me to do hoop dancing, and I was encouraged to do some ambient pole dancing if I wanted to.  These little performances were no big deal, just for fun, non-paid.

Skip to late summer this year my boyfriend, Brandon, and a small group of friends were all hanging out practicing some flow arts and fire, then we brought it indoors to the pole.  We ended up playing on the pole and teaching our friends some tricks.  As Roots (of Fire N Ice) was watching, he took mental note of our skills as we were casually playing around.  Another day Roots had asked us if we would like to do a partner pole (paid) gig!  Wow!  We happily accepted the offer.  I have not done a serious pole performance like this before let alone with a partner, so this was exciting yet scary at the same time.  I was up for the challenge.  About a month before this performance, I started to train pole again.  I was going to multiple classes a day, sometimes up to six days a week.  The very first week was probably the hardest to get my endurance up, rebuild my calluses, get used to all the pain like bruises and scrapes, etc.  Everything got better as my body adjusted and got stronger.  Besides still going to multiple classes at the pole studio, I was also meeting up with Brandon separately to create and practice our choreographed routine.  We went through lots of hours and days of sweaty rehearsals, had some challenges, and overcame them.  The Halloween themed song and characters was picked for us, and we ended up telling a story where he played Jason Voorhees and I played a Camp Crystal Lake Counselor.  Without further ado, I am proud to share with you the partner pole piece that Brandon & I created for this show.  I really hope you like it.  Let me know what you think in the blog comments or tell me in person when you see me.

I have another view of the performance here on my YouTube channel, but perhaps the one above is better.
Here are some photos of us:

I continue to train pole.  Follow my Instagram @ZaylaaHoops to get sneak peeks at what I am up to.  While you are at it you can follow @BrandonLowentrout as well if you like.

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