It’s graduation season again…which means, more entertainment is needed!

It’s the beginning of summer, and it’s graduation time for students of all ages.  This means it is time for celebrations!  Last year, my best friend, Tiffani and I did a show for a young lady’s graduation party.  Just a few weeks ago, her younger brother graduated, and we got contacted to perform again for this family.  I am glad that I get to do this with my best friend, and also be involved with this family again.  They live in a beautiful three story mansion, and we got invited to be guests to enjoy the food before we performed.

I'm on their second story overlooking the hills.
I’m on their second story overlooking the hills.
Dessert Table
I loved the presentation of their dessert table, and I love that there are more fruits than baked goods. They had catered food, and it was delicious!
Beautiful Backyard
It almost looks like I’m at a public park, but this is just one section of their backyard.
Grad Balloons
I feel so small at this mansion party.



Check out our fire show from June 21, 2014


If you are curious about our show last year (June 29, 2013), then it is conveniently located right here:

In this video, you are able to see a difference perspective and more of the house and audience.

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