Throwback Thursday: My First Time Fire Hooping


A lot of people may not know that I started hooping for healing, for fitness, and for fun.  In the beginning, I did not think about doing hooping so I can fire hoop, perform, or to teach.  Things kind of fell into my lap in recent times.  Sometimes I hear that someone wants to learn how to hoop because they saw someone fire hoop at Burning Man, and wanted to do just that.  My story sounds like the opposite of that.  I was hooping for two years before I ended up trying fire hooping for the first time.

I am so glad that there is a video of my virgin burn.  You can see my true emotions, and the commentary by my friends just adds to the joy of it.  I hooped for two years, and I was very comfortable with many tricks, but adding the fire made me really scared to even do a vortex!  Just watch the video and see for yourself how ridiculous I was back then.  I crack up every time I watch this!

This just show that everybody has to start somewhere.  Now, after some fire experience, I am comfortable, and I LOVE it!  It is almost an addiction.  I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to now be on the other side and to teach this.  I currently am the instructor for the Intermediate Hoop class at Burn Academy in Long Beach on Tuesday nights for Spring 2014.  Come on in and learn for just $20 for a drop-in class.

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