Fashion Minga 2013: Encounter feat. ZLC (Zaylaa van Hoops, Leah Titus, & Curtis Husted). LED Flow Arts Performance for LA Fashion Week

A lot of stuff happens during LA Fashion Week.  LA Fashion week happens twice a year:  in March to showcase fall collections and in October to showcase spring collections.  Multiple events take place over different days throughout the week and at different locations in Los Angeles.  It can be a very exciting time especially if you are into fashion.  Well, for this past October, me and some flow artist friends, Leah Titus & Curtis Husted, were asked to perform our art while this DJ group, Encounter, was playing their music at Fashion Minga.  On this particular night, October 17th, we called ourselves ZLC, which was projected on the screen behind the DJ group as we performed.

Leah and I got the VIP backstage treatment.  Curtis did not need hair and make up so he hammed it up for all the press people on the red carpet.  There are some photos of all three of us on the red carpet floating around in cyber space.  I just don’t know where they are.  Leah and I got our hair and make up done professionally, and we felt like royalty.  Our make up was done by the very talented Sherry Owens a.k.a. Sherry O!  We dressed ourselves for this performance.  I actually made my blue vest the night before the performance!  I am surprised at how crafty I can get especially in last minute situations.  Check out our behind the scenes photos from Sherry’s camera:


Now check out some of the professional still photos of our performance:

Here is our video:

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