Photoshoot with my fans and staff

A few days ago, I did a fun little photo shoot with a very talented fire photographer, Eric Anderson.  I love his work!  I’ve been a fan even before I’ve met him in person.  You can check out some of his other work here:
Facebook Flow Arts Photography
Team Sparks Blog
Featured on PBS (oh, I made a lil’ cameo in it at 2:06 as the girl with the fans…hehe!)

I think my post title is a bit silly.  If people don’t know what I’m talking about, then I’m talking about my fire tools, and not actual people.  Haha!
I hope you enjoy some rare photographs of me and my other fire tools.
Warning:  It gets a bit silly towards the end.

Also, just for your information, these photographs have not been manipulated in post production.  What you see is Eric Anderson using his knowledge to do each effect straight from the camera.

EAfire (1)EAfire (2)EAfire (3) EAfire (4)EAfire (5)EAfire (6)EAfire (7)EAfire (8)EAfire (9)EAfire (10)

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