My Two LA Decompression 2013 performances

The 11th Annual Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Arts and Music Celebration took place on Saturday Octorber 5th, 2013 at the LA Historical Park.  I had two performances that were basically back to back.  I took a photo of the line up, and you will see me listed doing my fire solo in the time range of 10:15pm-10:30pm, and I am also in the performance group called GoGo Hoop Dance Stars in the time slot for 10:30-11:00pm.IMG_3134
Some things went out of order in the fire line up, but I ended up performing after SkyFire and before Silverback.  I was backstage, trying to change, but my friend had my bra top, and I could not find her quicker, so I was somewhat stressed.  There was a funny and weird moment when I was changing since it was also a space where both men and women were chilling and eating.  I was next to a full length mirror and changing into my bikini bottoms and I accidentally made eye contact with a guy who ended up smiling.  I forced myself to be out of my comfort zone of changing in an environment like that with little privacy.  I ended up just turning around so I won’t see him, but then I later thought that did not help since I was right next to a full length mirror and he probably saw both sides. Haha!
Everything worked out fine, because other performers when before me to stall for some more time.  I have not seen the official professional video that the organization recorded, but I found this on YouTube.  We were fire dancing to a beat boxer, Zom-B.
This is a 20 minute video, but my fire hoop solo starts at 17:05.  When you click play here, it will automatically start at that point.  Feel free to rewind and view the whole thing if you want to.  This was a total freestyle, and I was just in the present moment dancing with the beats.

After this fire performance, I got off stage and immediate changed quickly into my outfit for GoGo Hoop Dance Stars since we were up next.
Again, I have not seen the official professional video by the organization, but my friend had recorded clips of my performance that I have uploaded last month but only recently made it public.  Our LED hoop performance was a total of 30 minutes.
Here is our group intro which was choreographed by us all:

Each girl had a solo after that and here is mine:

After all of our solos we came together again to end the show together:

This Thursday 8:00pm to 2:00am there is a screening of all of the performances from the Flow Arts Stage at a The Other Door in North Hollywood.  Here is the Facebook event for the Flow Arts Video Premiere.  The professional videos will be shown.  I haven’t even seen it, but I know it will be better footage than the ones I have just posted.

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