Light A Fire Movement

Light A Fire Movement 2013 Lookbook
Light A Fire Movement 2013 Lookbook

Two amazing and inspiring women, Remy Holwick and Jennifer Ong, teamed up to make this beautiful active wear line called Light A Fire Movement.  I like that the artwork is hand-done by them and their idea behind it which encourages all types of women to just get up and move.  The positive words on the pieces of clothing reminds women to keep on moving, no matter what their passion may be.

They mention on their website, “Movement has been a source of healing and growth for both of us, and we wanted to spread that idea to as many people as we could.”  I totally understand that especially because my flow journey began with hoop dance, and it was my way of healing (from a breakup from a long term relationship) and growing into a better person.  Now that I’m more open with other types of movements, I can see myself enjoying wearing Light A Fire Movement clothing while I do yoga, various types of flow arts, fire dancing, while teaching hoop classes, or just traveling in them.  I have modeled the clothing, so I know first hand, that the material is super soft and high quality fabric.  It feels really great on my skin.  The pants are definitely great for a cover up to travel to and from pole classes, too!

These women are great.  They are very active and involved in the flow community.  Please check out and support them.
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