A Hoopy Weekend

I just want to recap on my highlights of this past weekend.  I had set some time aside just for me to get some priorities in order.  As Saturday night approached, a friend told me about a local fire spin jam very close to home.  I felt like this is the perfect way to end my night, and also I felt like it would be some good practice time.  Recently, I have been working on foot hooping and transitioning it to a shoulder stand and finishing it with coming down smoothly.  The thought of doing it on fire is scary because if it drops, it’s mostly dropping on my face or my wicks would touch my body somewhere.  My goal for this fire spin jam was to actually do this sequence for the first time on fire.  Throughout the night a lot of talented fire spinners were taking turns and doing their thing.  I enjoy watching just as much as performing.  Well, there have been a few fire breathers prior to my turn, and so when I just did a warm up fire hoop dance, the grass was so slippery because of the excess fuel that was spit onto the ground.  I did not feel confident at that time to try foot hooping on fire.  After more fire spinning from others, I felt like practicing my rope dart on fire.  It was getting late in the night and I felt satisfied.  Someone encouraged me to spin more fire, so I choose to do fire hoop again.  I basically was free styling to Blackmil-Let It Be alongside my close friend doing fire fans.  We improved and synchronized a bit and had fun doing splits at the same time with our fire tools above our head.  Her fire went out, and mine was still going.  So at this point, I was just in my flow state, and I ended up just doing the sequence!  And I did it successfully without dropping it.  The small crowd there cheered me on, and I felt really great that I faced my fear and accomplished my goal successfully.

Here is a photo of me doing some vertical hooping that night.  The photo was captured by Grant Palmer.  I really like how the fire lit my back in the photograph.


This night I figured out how to do my hair in a very practical way for when I do rope dart.  People call this hair style the milkmaid braid.  I have experimented with different hairstyles for the rope dart to not get stuck in my hair.  A simple bun just doesn’t work for rope dart especially with neck wrap moves.  If there is anyone out there who spins rope dart and has long hair and issues with them both together, then milkmaid braids is your answer!  I’ve been searching for a solution for a little while.  I want to spread the good news.


The next day, Sunday, I had a very awesome hooper friend, Emily, come over.  We did a yoga class together, I made us a healthy organic lunch afterwards, and she taught me how to connect my polypro and HDPE hoops.  We then went to a park to meet up with another awesome hooper friend named Juliette.  It was a casual fun time to practice and learn from each other.  I also learned a few new poi moves!


When hoops are involved, it’s guaranteed fun!
We combined our hoops and made this lovely shape:

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