Starting New

Burning Man 2013:  Prometheatrics sunset
or almost a year, I had my domain name redirected to my YouTube channel.  Today is the day I decided to change that and actually put some dedicated effort into continuing to document my hoop journey.  I had started a blog in the past about it, but had neglected it after being busy and distracted.  A lot has happened in between, and maybe some stories will come out in later posts.  What has emerged is me, growing from not just a hooper/hoop dancer/hoop performer, but I became open to other types of flow art.  For example, I was hooping for about two years before I opened up to staff.  Soon after that the ball just kept rolling, and I eventually ended up getting a fire staff, fire poi, fire fans, fire rope dart, and a flow wand/levitating stick.  I know it won’t stop there.  Recently I’ve been interested in using more than one hoop, I’m intrigued with juggling, and I enjoy playing with my friend’s different props and tools that I don’t have.  I should now probably call it my “flow journey” instead, since it’s not just about hoops (even though it is still on the top of my list).  Hoop is my first love.

Recently, I experienced Burning Man for the first time, and I just had another birthday pass.  It seems fitting to start new.

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